Multichain Storage is a smart-contract based cross-chain storage gateway that is integrated with Oracle technology. It accelerates the mass adoption of decentralized storage by bridging multiple blockchains networks.

Storage for Web3 Developers Across Multiple Chains

Pay with Stablecoin

Users can pay using USDC and other mainnet tokens for using Filecoin network.

Easy Storage to IPFS and Filecoin

Users can point and click upload their digital assets to IPFS/FIlecoin.

Filecoin Storage for Polygon Network

DApps on Polygon Network can store data on Filecoin/IPFS using the MCS easily.

On-Chain Proof via Chainlink

Obtain on-chain proof for data stored on Filecoin through multiple chains with ease.

NFT Storage and Mint

Store NFT data and directly mint it to OpenSea on Polygon network.

Multiple Chain Support

In addition to Polygon, MCS plans to provide support for Binance Smart Chain, NEAR, Solana, and Cosmos.

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