Swan is a leading provider of cross-chain cloud computing solutions. Its suite of tools revolutionizes how developers access resources across multiple chains.

Suite of tools for Web3 Storage and Computing


Lagrange is an all-in-one decentralized computing platform to store and deploy code securely, empowering developers to build web3 apps through a full suite of Web3 tooling

Multichain Storage

Multichain Storage is a complete solution that integrates decentralized storage with your existing projects across multiple blockchains.

MCS helps to decentralize and democratize the way data is stored on the web. It enables the integration of stablecoin payment, oracle technology and smart contract in your Web3 projects.

Swan Platform

Swan platform helps Filecoin users find reputable storage providers and send online/offline deals with ease.

It features automatic deal making, provider reputation ranking, and task management - all under one package.

Swan Provider & Swan Client For Filecoin

Swan Provider makes it easy for miners to manage tasks, import deals, and synchronize deals with Swan platform.

The Swan Client makes it easy for Filecoin users to send deals. It supports CAR file generation, deal proposing, deal creation, and automatic deal sending.

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